Identification and storage of old and new vegetable seeds

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Identification and storage of old and new vegetable seeds

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  Tomato seeds: storage can not be more than 4 years, or to reduce the germination rate. There are a lot of small villi on the new seed, and there are tomato flavor, the old seeds outside the hair is little or shedding, smell is also weak.

  Cucumber seeds: can store 3-4 years, fresh cucumber seeds for white or milky white, smooth surface, the tip of the seeds of the tip of the sharp, Chen seed surface appear macular, dull, seed tip burr become blunt. 

 Pepper seed: storage can not be more than 3 years, stored for 2 years germination rate dropped to below 50%, new seeds golden yellow, spicy thick, germination rate of about 90%, old yellow seed subsided, spicy fades.

  Eggplant seeds: storage can be used within 5 years. The new seed coat has a smooth, milky yellow; Chen seed surface dark red, no light.

  Cabbage, cabbage, radish seeds: can be stored for 3-4 years, more than 4 years significantly reduced the germination rate of storage. The surface of the new seed is smooth, and the surface of the Chen seed is dark. Use your fingernails to crush seeds after new seed cake but not broken, Chen seeds are fragile and easy to fall off the skin.

  Parsley Seed: it must be stored for 1 years, but it is not easy to store for more than 3 years. Fresh parsley seed smell is strong, old parsley seeds smell light.

  Celery seeds: storage for 5 years. New seeds must be stored for 1 years.

  Onion leek seeds: the seeds must be with the new year, seed germination rate decreased greatly. New seeds surface wrinkles, shiny, hilum has an obvious white spots; seed stored for more than 1 year lose their luster, and the emergence of a layer of white frost, hilum also from white to yellow, such low germination rate of seed, growth difference and should not be used.

Storage of small paste

1 vegetable seeds to be dried before storage, so that the water content is reduced to 12% or less, and choose a dry warehouse

2 small seeds available sealed jar or iron storage at. When conditions will dry seeds into the aluminum foil bag or copper paper composite color bag sealed, and then placed in ventilated and dry place. Do not use polyethylene bags, not with pesticides and fertilizers together.